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Post Date: 2/6/2024
Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 105A, notice is hereby given that, in order to satisfy past due rents and fees owed, the undersigned will sell at a public auction at 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at Castle Self-Storage Inc. (the lien holder), 687 County Street, Taunton, MA 02780, 508-812-7700, the personal property heretofore stored with the undersigned by:
Cristina Estrada 1131 suitcases, totes, cabinets, bags, misc.
Jasmine Burt 1165 boxes, totes, shelves, baby items, clothes, misc.
Marcelino Rodrigues 1813 furniture, bedding, lamps, boxes, bad frame, misc.
Matthew Hayes 2112 boxes, totes, furniture, shelves, suitcase, misc.
Jacqueline White 2220 totes, boxes, bags, misc.
Rayquon Williams 2842 totes
Alicia Nelson 2949 kid racecar, toys, baby items, boxes, misc.
Jeremy powers 3216 totes, mattress, chairs, dresser, misc.
Markeisha Mitchell 3242 shelves, clothes, totes, toys, misc.
Darcell Hood 3243 bags, boxes, misc.
Regine Jean 3275 totes, bags, misc.
Walter Moniz 3802 furniture, mattress, totes, misc.
David Engler 3906 totes, couch, misc.
Edwin Rosario 3922 toddler bed, kids bike, bedding, misc.
Sandra McGlew 3930 fridge, boxes, totes, bed frame, misc.
Luis Gonzalez D102 tools, landscaping equipment, misc.
Joel Hopkins D107 furniture, household, items, misc.

MA Lic. #350
Auction Date: 2/29/2024

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