Live Auction Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 Update: Please refer to the CDC’s guidelines for each state. Click here for more information on the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  • Security Note: Buyers must have a current valid photo I.D., must be 18 years or older and are required to sign in with their correct name, address, and phone number.
  • We sell the complete contents of the unit AS IS – WHERE IS – NO REFUNDS! All Sales Final. The facility/auction company makes no representations as to the value, condition or from where contents originated! If unit(s) is/are not cleaned out within 24-48 hours or by a time specified and arranged with the facility, the buyer agrees that they are held liable for the labor and disposal cost incurred with any unit or item purchased by them.
  • Method of Payment: CASH ONLY/US FUNDS or other terms announced by the facility at time of sale. All bidders must have the appropriate funds on your person in order to bid or your bid will be voided and resold by the auctioneer. All units must be paid in full with a paid receipt before removal.
  • Deposits: Every Buyer will be charged a $100 cash deposit depending on the facility rules. Buyers are not allowed to use the facility dumpster, any empty storage units or any illegal dumping on or around adjacent properties . Buyer is responsible to clean out the unit or items 100% broom swept. If the buyer does not conform to the terms of each sale, the buyer will forfeit their ability to attend/purchase at any future auctions.
  • Personal Records: All personal paperwork/computer records, family photos, social security cards, birth certificates, government issued licenses or ID, tax records, medical records, school diplomas, and work history on computer hardware or computer disc information pertaining to this unit must be boxed and returned to the site manager ASAP. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The Buyer acknowledges that in certain circumstances beyond our control, the Facility and/or Auctioneer have the right to void any sale of any unit due to evidence of a wrongful sale or paperwork error by facility. The Buyer agrees and will be refunded the original purchase price of the unit that was auctioned including the sale tax and service fee in order to prevent court litigation.
  • YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE ENTIRE UNIT OR SUITABLE LOTS. The doors to units or containers will be opened and visual inspection can be made at that time. You cannot enter into the unit. Please view from the doorway only. Bidders are not allowed to touch any items. You should have your own flashlights for inspection and locks to secure the unit.
  • Storage Auction Solutions charges a 15% Service Fee. Tax Exempt Buyers must have copies of current sales tax certificate and all state forms filled out in order to be tax exempt, all other buyers will be responsible for paying all applicable sales tax. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The auctioneer / facility reserves the right to cancel any bids considered unreasonable.
  • The auctioneer / facility reserves the right to refuse (not accept) any bid from any person who is disruptive or has not complied with the removal of any items or units previously purchased. The storage facility has the right to change the terms during auction time in order to meet any business or legal requirements.
  • Illegal Contraband of any kind including but not limited to Guns, Weapons, and Drug Paraphernalia must be turned over to the proper authorities.
  • Subject to errors and omissions and to any undisclosed liens. No warranties and/or guarantees are expressed or implied, including merchandise descriptions. Buyers are urged to inspect each lot and bid according to their own judgment. We are acting as agent and agent only and are not responsible for the acts of the principal.
  • LIABILITY: You are responsible for your own safety and those with you at all times while attending each auction. Children must be kept in hand at all times and not allowed to go near storage units. No pets of any kind or smoking allowed while conducting the auction.
  • Any oral statement from the auction block takes precedence over any previously printed material.