Do you have delinquent accounts?

  • Storage is your business. Our business is auctioning. Storage Auction Solutions the proven leader in moving & self storage lien sale wants your business.  We offer our clients professionally conducted Live auctions on-site and internet based timed auctions On-Line.
  • Not all auctioneers produce maximum results. Staff experience, proven methods, special contacts with all manner of buyers for all types of merchandise and our ability to identify and promote given markets make possible the highest possible return for your delinquent accounts.
  • We are real auctioneers, offering real results! Whether you choose to have us conduct a Live auction at your facility, or you utilize our On-Line auction option, Storage Auction Solutions provides our clients with representation and the same high quality that has made us the proven industry leader.

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    To Schedule a Live Auction, please contact our offices at (978) 777-5850, or email us at info@storageauctionsolutions.com


Debt Collection Procedures After An Auction

Storage Auction Solutions has joined up with a Nation Wide Debt Collection Company named, “Your Collection Solutions”. This collection process has been put in place in order to assist moving and self storage facilities and any other type of business to recover bad debt, after the auction process has been accomplished.

Self storage & moving companies have the right to recover the difference between what a unit sold for at auction and what is still owed to said facility.

Your Collection Solutions is a national company representing all states. Please contact them for all your debt collection procedures at www.4collectionsolutions.com or 1-888-378-8100.

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