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Post Date: 9/13/2023

Danbury Self Storage Auction of Tenants’ Personal Property

In accordance with the provisions of CHAPTER 743, Sec. 42-159, SELF-SERVICE STORAGE FACILITIES, House Bill 5148 (effective July 1, 2022);

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the person herein after named and to all whom it may concern. The contents of leased units are subject to our lien for non-payment of rent and other charges. You are denied access to that unit.
You can redeem such goods on or before 10:30 AM October 11, 2023. The goods you have stored after this time will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. The sale will take place at 95 Beaver Brook Road Danbury, CT 06810 203-616-2222, on October 11, 2023. The facility/auctioneer reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason.
SS-682 Victor Chacon Narvaez: Furniture, Chairs, Sofa, Misc Boxes, Misc Items
SS-702 Natalie Quinones: Misc Boxes, Misc Items, Plastic Bags, Suitcase/Luggage
SS-728 Barbara Bibbons: Misc Boxes, Misc Items
SS-752 Jonathan Santana: Misc Boxes, Misc Items, Plastic bags
SS-781 Wael Abdelhafez: Furniture, Misc Items
SS-810 James Scheckter: Furniture
SS-863 Debbie Barrigas: Furniture, Misc Boxes, Misc Items, Plastic Bins
SS-868 Amy Benoit: Misc Boxes, Misc Items, Plastic Bins, Plastic Bins

Douglas Silva
Danbury Self Storage 95 Beaver Brook Road Danbury, CT 06810, 203-616-2222

Auction Date: 10/11/2023

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