Southcoast Storage Depot


Post Date: 4/7/2021
Southcoast Storage Depot Auction of Tenants’ Personal Property
In accordance with the provisions of MGL Chapter 105A, Section 4 Self Storage Facilities
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the persons hereinafter named and to all whom it may concern.
The contents of leased units are subject to our lien for non-payment of rent and other charges.
You can redeem such goods on or before 12:00PM on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. The goods you have stored after
this time will be sold at public auction at 95 Brook Street, New Bedford, MA 02746 on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.
The facility and/or auctioneer reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason.
Unit #, Name, Description —
A005 Melanie Barry: kids toys, kids games, suitcase, misc boxes and bags
A017 Kelly Marlowe: bench w/ storage, hoses, walker, misc totes and boxes
A019 Kimberly Steadman: box fan, wall art, suitcases, walker, tables, pvc pipes, cooler, misc totes and bags
A025 Lisa Morales: box fan, hand cart, punching bag and boxing gloves, duffle bags, misc totes, stacked boxes
A030 Robert Rappaneau: push carts, misc house items, misc boxes and bags
A032 Marco Cabral: chests, dressers, couch, mattresses
A034 Nichole Carreiro: tires, rims, bicycles, hand cart, washing machine, tools, microwave, floor lamp, truck side
running boards
A042 Barthelemy Fritz: dresser, folding chairs, end tables, misc boxes and bags
A043 Walther Mejia Moreno: air conditioners, suitcases, rocking chairs, chairs, mattresses
B055 Joanne Ventura: dirt bike, bicycles, helmets, grill, tool boxes, video games/systems, baseball bats, misc boxes
B062 Rose Sloan: hand cart, box spring, DVDs, clothes, misc boxes, misc bags
B071 Michelle Amaral: mattress, tv stand, christmas story leg lamp, coffee table, dining table, dining chairs
B074 Evelyn Gallardo: misc boxes, totes, and bags
B083 Tracy Landers: yoga mat, kids rocking chair, kids chair, floor lamp, crockpot, wrapped bed frame, wall art,
suitcases, model trains, collectibles, nutcracker, chairs, misc boxes and totes
C091 Duarte DeSousa: outdoor chairs, cooler, trash bin, grill, propane tank, winter jacket, folding chairs
C094 Wilberto Cuevas: dolly, hampers, crates, tv stand, bookcase, misc bags and totes
C096 Traci Underwood: dresser, clothes, shoes, mattress, bed frame, misc totes, bags, and boxes
C100 Janet Rivera-Pinto: rugs, folding sewing machine table, dresser, end tables, bed frame, trash can, vacuum,
fish tank, scale, small washing machine, toy car, LED light, misc bags
C104 Nicole Pina: futon, box of power tools, cane, weights, funnels, crow bar
C105 Alisha Cruz: kids toys, futon, dresser w/ mirror, tv, bed frame, shoes, misc bags
C117 Maribel Rosa: punching bag, box fan, chairs, tv stand, mini fridge, misc boxes and bags
C119 Jose Barranco: bed frames, bird cage, coolers, ACs, kids toys, lamps, desk, razor scooter, foot bath, desk
chair, tv stand, tool box, misc boxes and totes
C123 Ramon Rivera-Feliciano: car jack, ATV, helmet, tools, bags
PARK13 Luis Mendez-Estrada: 2001 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee VIN 1J4GW58N01C638785 – THIS VEHICLE IS
Auctioneer: Storage Auction Solutions – MA Lic. #350
Southcoast Storage Depot
95 Brook Street
New Bedford, MA 02746
(508) 999-7400
Auction Date: 5/12/2021

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