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Post Date: 5/25/2022

Acushnet Self Storage Auction of Tenants’ Personal Property

In accordance with the provisions of MGL Chapter 105A, Section 4 Self Storage Facilities
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the persons hereinafter named and to all whom it may concern.
The contents of leased units are subject to our lien for non-payment of rent and other charges.
You can redeem such goods on or before 10:00 AM on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The goods you have stored after this time will be sold at public auction at 1 Titleist Drive, Acushnet, MA 02743 on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
The facility and/or auctioneer reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason.

● D223 JOHN OLIVEIRA – dressers, totes, end tables, bags
● D261 DAVID PAIVA-ARENA – totes, boxes, tent, camping chairs, misc garden items
● D264 ADAM GONCALVES – dresser, chairs, bags, totes, books, DVDs, shoes, bicycles
● E275 LYNN NOWLIN – dryer, bed frames, dresser, bags, boxes
● E284 ASHLEY PILOTTE – bedding, boxes, bags of shoes
● E351 VINCE FERMINO – boxes, totes, bicycles, shoes, clothing
● F357 JOSEPH LOMBARD – totes, bags, suitcase, bicycles, electric scooter, RC car boxes, Nintendo Switch box, computer chair
● F368 KIARA RODRIGUEZ TAVARES – pair of sneakers, bike helmet, jacket, folding chair
● G395 JUAN RODRIGUEZ – kitchen table and chairs, end table, loveseat, misc items
● G402 ELVIS GARCIA – tires, moped, couch, totes, large go kart, bags, clothes, air compressor
● G423 ALPHONSO RICHARDS – rims, suitcases, chairs, small tool boxes, computer monitor, totes, bags, clothing, shoes, misc household items
● G426 MATTHEW DANIELS – boxes, bags, 3 iMac monitors
● H441 BENJAMIN TOBIA – couch, skateboards, albums, outdoor chairs, TV, bookshelf, boxes, snowboard, totes
● H455 HAELEY BURCHELL – couch, bed frame, shelf, totes, laundry basket of clothes
● H460 SHARI MANCHESTER – AC, boxes and books
● CCA001 SHARI MANCHESTER – boxes, tables, chairs, ACs
● CCB109 MARGOT FONTAINE – boxes, totes, dressers, TV, clothing, picture frames
● CCB110 TIFFANY NEWETT – boxes, bags, clothing, table, shelf
● CCD199 LISA MENARD – boxes, dresser, TVs, loveseat, end table, bed frames, totes
● CCD239 CARLA MONTEIRO – bed frame, table, TV stand, bags
● CCD264 ALPHONSO RICHARDS – suitcases, speakers, radios, cooler, shoes
● CCD258 SHANE CAREY – boxes, bags, bicycles, tables, totes, drums, duffle bag, TV

MA Lic. #350
Auction Date: 6/21/2022

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